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Engineers are the lifeblood of our company. In fact, we call them Inventioneers; a phrase coined by founder Keith Ziegenbein. We take our engineering projects seriously around here and consider ourselves experts in electric actuation of all kinds. Our specialty is working with companies to develop something brand new or something similar to what we already produce. Check out our general capabilities but don’t hesitate to call if you need a partner to design exactly what you require for your next project.

Waterproof Motorized Valve Solutions for Your Application

Engineers across a wide range of industries continue to trust ZiegTek for electric valve actuation. ZiegTek practically eliminates the chance of actuator failure due to water intrusion. We offer valves from ¼″ to 5″, steel and poly and control choices from analog to CAN, and everything in-between. Whether your project calls for a single actuated valve or you are designing a system requiring multiple actuated valve assemblies, ZiegTek has the solution for you.

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Actuation is what we do.

We designed the first electric actuator back in 1982 and called it the Electra-Halt. Prior to that, our first product was a hydraulically actuated valve called the Hydra-Halt. Since then, we’ve perfected the electric actuator design and added about every control option you can think of. State of the art solid state components along with a NEMA 6P waterproof rating ensure long life in the harshest conditions. We manufacture about every type of control you can think of, from the incredibly versatile CAN/ISOBus control to historically reliable analog controls like 4-20mA.


Exceptional Engineering Services emphasizing Performance, Efficiency and Reliability.

Inventioneering. The word describes the culture at ZiegTek. All employees are encouraged to submit product ideas that could possibly turn into the next big thing. Not only products but policies and procedures, which make our family owned company second to none in cleanliness, attention to detail and innovative processes on the production floor.